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Airmax Nasal Breathing Device - For Snoring

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    What is the Airmax™ Nasal Device?

    The Airmax™ Nasal Device, patented by Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, is a UNIQUE designed medical device that increases airflow through the nose. 

    The specially designed Airmax™ made of super soft medical grade super silicone, has small wings that expand the narrowest parts of the nasal passage to allow increased airflow. This comfortable device provides an effective and very simple solution for all people who have difficulties breathing.

    The Airmax is perfect for people who have trouble breathing and snore at night or who have difficulty sleeping as a result of allergies, colds or flus. 

    It is a very cost effective and natural solution to help with your breathing troubles!

    What and Who is it Suitable for?

    • SNORING - Proven and tested by many happy people the world over to significantly reduce and or stop snoring completely!
    • SPORTS - Increase fitness and endurance with better breathing - increases air flow through the nasal passage particulalry for thise who suffer from 
    • ILLNESS - People who are suffering from Cold, Flu or Allergies can benefit from increased air flow
    • PREGNANCY - Used by many mums to be who experience snoring and rhinitus during and following pregancy

    About the AIRMAX

    • Reduces snoring
    • Proven to help widen nasal passages to increase airflow
    • Drug free, comfortable and easy to use, CE and FDA approved
    • Made of a soft odourless medical grade compound
    • Comfortable and easy to wear.
    • Suitable for nasal congestion (deviated septum, common cold, allergies, pregnancy), mild sleep apnea and use during sport.
    • Suitable for persons with compromised nasal breathing who are not wishing to undergo surgery
    • Suitable during pregnancy for rhinitis and snoring problems
    • Reduces “stuffed nose” sensation (a cold, allergies and pregnancy)
    • Illiminate nasty Nasal Steroids, Sprays and Antihistamines

    Which size is right for me?

    The AIRMAX™ Nasal Breathing Device is available in two sizes. Small and Medium. 

    Everyone has different sized nasal passages, we find that the MEDIUM size Airmax fits most people comfortably. If you have a particulalry smaller nasal passage, we recommend the SMALL size Airmax would best suit your needs.




    Write your own product review

    1. Great product, opens my airwaves  star rating

      Posted by Peter, Bulli, NSW on 18th Dec 2017

      I put it in at night and can breathe through my nose with my mouth shut.
      I am otherwise unable to do this.
      Great product, thank you, Peter

    2. It took a while for me to get used to this  star rating

      Posted by Dave on 24th Oct 2017

      When I first tried this it was not comfortable and I didn't think I would be able to wear it.
      I kept persisting because it made such a difference with keeping my nose open to help me breath.
      I'll be honest it took a few weeks wearing it off and on but I am glad that I persisted because I can breathe a lot better with it in and notice the nights when I forgot to were it.
      Don't give up the first time you try it.

    3. I had the best nights sleep  star rating

      Posted by Callie, Caroline Springs VIC on 22nd May 2017

      I have tried a number of devices to help aleviate my snoring, none to date of which have worked until now!
      My snoring wakes me up constantly through and I have a very restless night sleep. I wake feeling as tired as I am when I go to bed.
      I'm ordering another one of these Airmax now incase I misplace this one as I don't want to be without it.

    4. New User of Airmax Nasal Device  star rating

      Posted by D Robertson Jannali NSW on 11th Jul 2016

      Purchased on recommendation from ENT. To hopefully help with airflow as both nostrils quite often block and cut off my air which is a problem when talking,sleeping and snoring. I have a deviated septum and not keen to have an operation. Have never tried other products to compare but so far finding this well worth the cost to trial. Would recommend it for others it give it a go.

    5. Works as advertised  star rating

      Posted by Eric, Adelaide SA on 13th Oct 2015

      While I have no idea how it affected my snoring (I will need to wait until their are witnesses around), it certainly made it easier to breathe and after a few days I barely notice it is in place.

      It will save me heaps of money not having to buy the sticky strips, paying for itself in the first month.

    6. I can breathe so much better  star rating

      Posted by Tina, Melbourne, Vic on 29th Apr 2015

      I didn't think this would make so much difference but it does.

      I have a deviated septum and do not want to have surgery. I use this to help me breathe better when I sleep. I also use it when I go running and it really does make a huge difference!

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