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Airmax Nasal Breathing Device

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    Mack’s Airmax™ Nasal Device

    What is this great product that everyone is talking about?

    Quite simply, the Airmax nasal device has been developed to allow an increased airflow thorugh the nasal passages. Made of a medical grade material, the specially designed “wings” lightly expand the smallest part of the nasal passages to provide more airflow to help you breathe easier through your nose. 


    Who is it good for?

    Tagged globally as a "marraige saving device" by partners and those who suffer from snoring and its effect. The Airmax Nasal Device has been proven to largely reduce snoring for many.

    Do you suffer from congestion as a result of common colds and flus or from allergies? 


    Is it like other Nasal Devices?

    Quite simply... no.

    The Airmax™ Nasal Device compared with other commonly availble products is different in the following ways:

    • Distinctive, patented design, made to be comfortably placed inside the nasal passages
    • Tested and proven and to help widen nasal passages and improve nasal airflow in clinical studies 
    • Does not require ‘sticky’ tape on the outside of the nose
    • Made of medical grade material
    • Aerodynamic profile (provides a wing effect)
    • An FDA registered medical device
    • Helps to push the nasal canal open by reaching into the narrowest part of the nasal passages for improved airflow whereas most other devices generally are placed only in the lowest part of the nasal passage.

    Frequently asked questions... 

    I see that the AIRMAX™ Nasal Device is available in small and medium sizes. What size is right for me?

    While everyone has different sized nasal passages, the medium size fits most. If you have noticeably small nasal passages, the small size is likely the better choice.

    Does the AIRMAX™ Nasal Device contain latex?

    No. The AIRMAX™ Nasal Device is made of medical grade plastic (S.E.B.S.), which is not associated with latex sensitivity.

    What is S.E.B.S and is it safe?

    S.E.B.S. is the abbreviation for: Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene. According to Greenpeace this is an acceptable alternative to PVC. S.E.B.S. is used for example in toothbrushes, in medical devices or in products used by dentists. S.E.B.S. has an excellent resistance to water, acids and bases. S.E.B.S. is safer than PVC.

    How long will the AIRMAX™ Nasal Device last?

    Due to the design and manufacture of the AIRMAX™ Nasal Device, it should last a substantial period of time if cleaned regularly and stored in a cool, dry place. 


    Check out these great videos for more information...



    What are other people who have tried Airmax saying?

    • I have been using the AIRMAX™ Nasal Device for a month, and find it surprisingly comfortable. More importantly, no more snoring or waking up with a dry mouth. My sleep quality has improved, I wake up more refreshed and better rested.
      - Val B.
    • Since purchasing this product, my husband and I have been able to sleep without me worrying about waking up due to his snoring. It is lovely to find a product that works.
      - Mrs. Pender
    • I would like to say that this device really works. My husband started snoring in the last few years and it has gotten worse and worse, to the point I have had to sleep in another room, as it was waking me up. Then we were introduced to the AIRMAX™ Nasal Device and life has become as it was - no more snoring. Thank you, AIRMAX™!
      - Helen H.
    • Only bought your AIRMAX™ Nasal Device 2 days ago at the Fremantle Festival Market. I can tell that it’s just what I have been looking for for years, and would buy it if it cost $100.
      - Val W
    • I’m sending you this mail, as I’m probably the most enthusiastic fan of your product. I’ve used your product for several days now and the headaches that I have everymorning are finally gone. My husband is also using the AIRMAX™ Nasal Device and I’m finally relieved from his snoring. For years he had to rinse his nose every time he woke up,but with AIRMAX™ he doesn’t have to do that anymore! One word: FANTASTIC!
      - Tanja
    • "I have been using the breathe right strips since they came out. The Air Max™ Nasal Device is 3 times better than the strips. I would wear them all day and my glasses would bend the edges of the strips and get caught in them. I don’t have to deal with that with the Air Max™. My ease in breathing is so much greater with the Air Max™ Nasal Device than it was with the strips. Nobody knows I have it on. I love the carrying case too. It’s just such a great product, I had to let you know.” 
      - Don Gordon - Charleston, SC  


    Who is Mack’s®?

    • Mack’s® is the #1 Doctor recommended ear plug brand in the U.S., with a variety of products designed for sleep, travel, swimming and overall noise reduction. Since 1962, McKeon Products, Inc. has led the retail ear care industry & continues to be a manufacturer who is committed to supplying the highest quality, innovative products at the lowest possible price.



    Which size is right for me?

    The AIRMAX™ Nasal Breathing Device is available in two sizes. Small and Medium. 

    Everyone has different sized nasal passages, we find that the MEDIUM size Airmax fits most people comfortably. If you have a particulalry smaller nasal passage, we recommend the SMALL would best suit your needs.



              AIRMAX™ Nasal Device Press Release

                AIRMAX™ Nasal Device Debuts At The International ENT Show

                AIRMAX™ Nasal Device Coming Soon To Retailers' Shelves Near You

                AIRMAX™ Nasal Device Is More Effective Than Breathe Right®

                McKeon Products, Inc. is Leading the Way with New and Innovative Pacesetting Products



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    1. Beats a nose job!  star rating

      Posted by Janey on 31st Mar 2015

      I have a deviated septum and bought this to try to help with sleeping, as a bonus I find it helps me so much when I am running and exercising. It open up my nostrils and allows air to get in through my nose. Often I have to breathe in and out of my mouth as it is ordinarily hard for me to breathe through my nose when I exercise and need more oxygen. Beats getting a nose job!

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