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Alpine Motosafe Earplugs For Racing (NEW PRODUCT)

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    Alpine Motosafe Earplugs For Racing 

    RACE – Single Filter -  Heavy attenuation (RRR 20DB)  - Suitable on the motorway, the circuit or with an open helmet


    Ride your motorcycle even more relaxed now! With Alpine MotoSafe earplugs you never have ringing in your ears after a long ride. You prevent hearing damage and feelings of fatigue from wind noise. Did you know that at a speed of 120 kilometres per hour on average, the volume is 98 decibels? This means that already after 7 minutes you risk permanent hearing damage. In addition, you become tired faster due to the loud noise. This means that you ride with less concentration. For this reason, we have developed very comfortable ear protectors. For every type of motorcyclist.


    Alpine MotoSafe filter earplugs damp the harmful noise, without an enclosed feeling. Traffic, navigation, intercom and the motorcycle itself remain audible. The Alpine MotoSafe Tour earplugs are ideal for example for tours, holidays and on the motorway. The earplugs have medium attenuation. Would you like to use the earplugs, for example, on the track or with an open helmet? Then choose the Alpine MotoSafe Race. These earplugs have a heavy attenuation. Would you prefer to have a choice of medium or heavy attenuation depending on the situation? The Alpine MotoSafe Pro consists of two complete sets of motorcycle earplugs: one set of MotoSafe Tour and one set of MotoSafe Race.


    Alpine MotoSafe earplugs have a perfect fit. This is because they are made of durable and flexible AlpineThermoShape™ material. The warmth of the ear allows the soft material to mould to the ear canal. Alpine MotoSafe earplugs are also the only ones on the market with soft filters. As a result, they are also very comfortable under a helmet. AlpineThermoShape™ material contains no silicones. For this reason, the earplugs do not sweat, itch or irritate. You can wear them all day without any problems.


    With your Alpine MotoSafe earplugs, you receive a handy storage bag. Simply add it to your keyring, so you always have your earplugs easily to hand.






    Most suitable for

    Tours, holidays and on the motorway

    On the motorway, the circuit or with an open helmet

    Attenuation choice depending on usage situation

    Attenuation (SNR)

    Medium attenuation (SNR 17)

    Heavy attenuation (SNR 20)

     Two full sets: medium attenuation (SNR 17) and heavy attenuation (SNR 20)

    Unique soft filters

    Traffic and intercom audible

    With handy storage bag

    With luxury pouch

    FREE Alpine Clean cleaning spray (5 ml)





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    1. Solid choice, could do with sizing options  star rating

      Posted by Gato on 31st Aug 2017

      These earplugs are probably the best I've used so far for my daily commute. They're soft enough so that they stay in place when you put on your helmet. Their noise reduction properties are excellent, like turning down the volume on your Motorbike from "11" down to about "4".

      The one thing I don't like about them is the "one size fits all." The plugs fit on the larger side for me and because of this I find them difficult to put into my ears. Once they're in, their large size usually cause pain so I can't wear them for any longer than 1 hour before needing to give my ears a break. This could just be me though as most other people who've reviewed these have not mentioned this problem. If you usually use regular or small size in-ear headphones then you might experience some pain also.

      I'm hoping that Alpine recognise this issue and bring out different sizes in future releases.

      Besides this, they are very good and worth the price.

    2. Way less wind noise!  star rating

      Posted by Bridget, Gold Coast, Queensland on 19th Jul 2017

      This is the first pair of earplugs I've ever owned, but:
      The wind reduction on these is exactly what I was after. I was worried they would block out too much of everything over the "Tour" version available, but I really wouldn't want any less than what the "Race" version reduces.

      Wind noise is about 1/4 of what just the helmet blocks out (Bell Qualifier DLX) but I'm still able to hear cars, talking, and sirens well.

      They're reasonably comfortable, I'm not used to ear plugs so I still notice them in there, but they don't cause any discomfort.

      I don't like the little bag. If you store the plugs in there they get little black fibers on them from the material. Its not a huge deal breaker as you can blow/pick them off, it would be nice if it were plastic lined or something.

      Overall, I love them, and thoroughly recommend them.

    3. Great earplugs for riding  star rating

      Posted by Dave, Indooroopilly QLD on 22nd May 2017

      I've always worn soft foam earplugs, especially for long rides until a mate got me onto these.
      Foam earplugs are awesome for blocking sound but they work a bit to well because they block all sound, so I pretty much can't hear the traffic around me or sirens etc. Anyone who rides know that being aware of your surrounds when riding is imperative for your safety.
      These earplugs block enough of the wind noise so that I don't have the buzzing sound after a ride but I can now hear whats go on around me.
      Good product.

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