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Alpine SleepSoft Reusable Ear Plugs

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    Trouble Sleeping?

    Did you know that over one quarter of the population have difficulty either getting to sleep or staying asleep.

    That is more than 1 in 4 people who lay in bed at night tossing and turning!

    Some of the Biggest causes of Sleep Deprivation:

    • SNORING - Partners
    • NIGHT SHIFT Workers - People who work nightshift & need to sleep through the day when most other people are awake,
    • TRAFFIC - Busy and Loud Traffic 
    • NEIGHBOURS - Noisy Neighbours and or their Pets.

    How Can Sleep Deprivation Affect Me?

    Sadly, lack of sleep invariably leads to many health problems both mentally and physically.

    Little or broken sleep can significant reduce your alertness. When we are tired we make errors in judgments which can easily result in harm, be it at home, in the car or at the workplace.        

    It is no surprise that depriving the body of much needed rest leads to a poorer quality of life. 

    Sleep Deprivation can lead to:

    • Weight Gain
    • Depresion
    • Anxiety
    • Accidents
    • Irritability
    • Serious Health Problems
    • Lack Of Sex Drive
    • Memory Loss
    • Impairs alertness, concentration, & problem solving

    How Can Sleep Soft Help Me?

    Apart from helping to alleviate all of the above mentioned problems...

    Alpine Sleep Soft reusable ear plugs are the perfect alternative to foam and silicone earplugs for sleeping.

    The patented open duct filters on these earplugs reduce ambient sounds such as noisy neighbours and traffic but still allow you to hear high frequency noises like your baby crying in the middle of the night, or the front doorbell.

    When inserted into the ear canal the dual-flange silicone Alpine Thermo Shape (ATS™) material softens as it warms and adapts to the shape of your ear duct. This makes Sleep Soft + Ear Plugs extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

    Many of our customers favour the Sleep Soft as the BEST ear plugs for sleeping for these very reasons!


    Alpine Hearing Protection has won the Red Dot Award 2015 for the  “high quality design and the innovative ability”  of its latest earplugs!

    Alpine is now permitted to use the coveted quality seal on the Sleepsoft Earplugs.

    The hearing protectors will be put on display in the Red Dot Museum in Essen, among previous winners such as Audi, Apple, BMW and Philips.


    SleepSoft Features:

    • CAN STILL HEAR - Open duct filter allow you to still hear important sounds
    • COMFORTABLE - to wear. Alpine Thermo Shape allows earplug to adapt to shape of ear
    • TRIM TO FIT - Can be trimmed to size so it does not protrude from ear (instructions inside pack for details)
    • EXTRA NOISE CUTTING - Super Soft Double Flange Silicone
    • PERFECT SIDE SLEEPERS - First & Only Product on the Market with Soft Silicone Filter - Perfect for Side Sleepers
    • FREE - Durable carry case to store earplugs.
    • FREE Insertion stem included for ease of inserting and removing plugs 
    • HYPOALLERGENIC - Latex FREE - perfect for people with latex allergies who are in need of ear plugs

    What are they made of?

    Sleep Soft Reusable Ear Plugs are made from of a durable, soft, flexible thermoplastic polymer.

    They do not contain latex!

    SNR / NRR and Attenuation values of Sleep Soft Earplugs in decibels:

    Average Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) : 26dB

      SNR (db) NRR (db) 63hz 125hz 250hz 500hz 1000hz 2000hz 4000hz 8000hz
    SLEEP SOFT  25 23.1 - 28 25 28 27.6 26.7 27.4 30.1 31.3 23.8





     Attenuation values measured by TNO* according to EN 352-2 (2002) and calculated to ISO 4869-2a standards. (*Dutch organization for Applied Scientific Research) 

    For more information on Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and Sound  please view our frequently asked questions 

    Duration of Use:

    The lifespan of SleepSoft earplugs depends on the frequency of use. With daily use, the set of Alpine SleepSoft earplugs lasts well over 3 months. Keeping the earplugs clean prolongs their lifespan.





    Alpine SleepSoft 2015 earplugs: Unboxing (01:11)
    The Alpine SleepSoft is the number one hearing protection for a proper night sleep. We remove the earplugs from the package in this unboxing video. More information: http://www.alpine.eu/sleepsoft
    • Alpine SleepSoft 2015 earplugs: Unboxing
      The Alpine SleepSoft is the number one hearing protection for ...
    • Alpine SleepSoft Unboxing

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    1. Cuts out most noise  star rating

      Posted by Andy on 2nd Apr 2018

      Purchased this product because I have a noisy window frame in my room (in high winds it creeks and squeaks and squeals) and it did a good job of muffling those sounds enough that I could actually get to sleep and stay asleep. The plugs were comfortable and easy to put in and take out.

    2. Very good  star rating

      Posted by J on 5th Feb 2018

      Very good, hides all background noises when sleeping

    3. Recently changed from foam earplugs.  star rating

      Posted by Alison Eyers, Sydney on 4th Sep 2017

      I find I can still hear a little noise in comparison to the soft foam earplugs that I normally wear but these still block enough noise to allow me to get to sleep.
      I like that these are reusable and they are really easy to put in and take out. I think I'm a convert.

    4. Best Earplugs I've ever used  star rating

      Posted by Megan, Fairview Park South Australia on 3rd Aug 2017

      I have been wearing earplugs to sleep basically all of my adult life. I suffer from insomnia also so earplugs are a must. The foam ear plugs have been the only earplugs I can use regarding the noise but they leave my ears sore and itchy and sometimes so bad I cant sleep on my ear..
      Ive just ordered this product 2 weeks ago and they are literally amazing- they don't hurt and block out enough noise to allow me to sleep.
      The best part is they can be cleaned so are sanitary and don't fall out during the night!
      I'm ordering a spare pair today!

    5. Good for sleeping  star rating

      Posted by Kate, Ascot on 16th May 2017

      It actually blocks nearly all the snoring.
      I think the Macks soft foam earplugs I have used block more snoring/sound, but I find these more comfortable and easy to wear. I also love the fact that these are reusable and that I can pop them on my bedside table in the little case they come with to keep them clean.

    6. Good but could be better  star rating

      Posted by Gordon on 18th Oct 2016

      Very soft, lovely feel when inserted,no problem sleeping BUT noise reduction only fair. Loud snoring won't be eliminated completely.

    7. Super comfy  star rating

      Posted by Anon on 30th Sep 2016

      Bought these due to hubby's snoring, they are really comfortable and non-irritating. They don't completely block out all noise, however, they have helped a lot!!
      Quick delivery too!!

    8. Had the best sleep!  star rating

      Posted by Janine Harris on 18th Aug 2016

      Thank you for your prompt service and exceptional product. Ordered the alpine-sleepsoft-reusable-ear-plugs Friday, arrived Monday (direct to my daughter who's accommodation backed onto a hotel) she had the best sleep! Thanks again!

    9. Good reusable earplugs  star rating

      Posted by Kane, Balaclava Vic on 8th Aug 2016

      These earplugs are easy to insert and remove and feel comfortable whilst sleeping.
      They don't block as much noise as my soft foam earplugs but they still block enough noise to help me sleep and I like that these are reusable.

    10. Good ear plugs for sleeping.  star rating

      Posted by Jamie, Carindale, QLD on 5th Aug 2016

      I find these ear plugs very comfortable and good for sleeping.
      They don't seem to block quite as much sound as the macks ultra soft foam ear plugs I've used also but I like that these are re-usable and I can still get to sleep and don't stir through the night.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 20 | Next

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