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Mack's Dreamgirl Earplugs For Her - 50 Pair

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    Designed for women with small or sensitive ear canals.

    Noise Reduction Rating: 30dB

    Mack's Dreamgirl Soft Foam Earplugs are similar in length to most other Macks foam earplugs, but they are softer, countoured, and slightly smaller in diameter. They have also been designed with a hollow centre 


    Why are some earplugs uncomfortable?

    Ear sensitivity varies greatly from one person to another, and even from one ear to another, on the same person.  Any pre-molded earplug that works by exerting a bit of pressure back on the ear canal to seal it properly may, over an extended period of time, begin to cause some discomfort to the wearer.  People with smaller ear canals experience this discomfort more often as "normal" sized earplugs don't fit as well into their canals.  If you have smaller ear canals and/or sensitive ear canals, a smaller diameter earplug like Mack's Dreamgirl Soft Foam Earplugs lessen this pressure and thus increase the comfort level.

    How do I wear earplugs correctly?

    Insert earplugs after carefully reading the directions. Be sure to insert the plug while pulling (with the opposite hand) up and back on the outer ear to straighten the ear canal. If you are still unsuccessful with a plug that has now warmed to body temperature, try another "cooler" plug. A plug that is cooler in temperature will retain its compressed shape and rigidity slightly longer, sometimes making it easier to insert. A sign that the earplug is sealing properly is that your own voice will sound more internal and exaggerated.

    Mack's Dreamgirl now come in a convenient personal Jar. The Jar contains 50 unwrapped pairs (100 earplugs) of Dreamgirl earplugs.

    Made in Sweden using quality, soft latex, non toxic materials. 

    Dreamgirl soft foam earplugs were designed for women with small or sensitive ear canals. They have a unique hollow and flared design that maximizes comfort, especially during sleep.

    Softer, Smaller, Silky Smooth and Contoured.

    Great for:

    • Sleeping
    • Reading
    • Loud Events
    • Travel

    What some people have said about Dreamgirl Ear Plugs...

    "I use Mack's Dreamgirl Soft Foam Earplugs, and as an audiologist and consumer, I love them! I use them during fitness classes when the music is loud and at concerts. Their smaller size fits my ears better than standard sized earplugs. They are so comfortable, I can sleep in them when my husband snores. I recommend them highly! Protect your ears comfortably, ladies - Mack's Dreamgirl Soft Foam Earplugs work!" Kathy P, Doctor of Audiology 




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    1. Great earplugs  star rating

      Posted by Alison Peterson, Adelaide SA on 4th May 2017

      Have been wearing these for a few years now and happy that they do the job they are meant to.

    2. Great product and service!  star rating

      Posted by Rob, Albion Park NSW on 14th Oct 2016

      I bought these earplugs for my wife after she had trouble with the larger 'normal' sized ones we bought from Bunnings. They fit her ear well, are comfortable and she tells me that my snoring no longer bothers her at night. EarStore provided these at a good price, were prompt with delivery and had good communications. Will definitely shop here again.

    3. Very soft, sadly too small for me  star rating

      Posted by Leah, Kambah ACT on 24th Aug 2015

      These earplugs are very soft and comfortable. Sadly though, they're too small for me, so I'll have to stick with the slim-fits.

    4. Good for blocking snoring  star rating

      Posted by Renee, Mildura, VIC on 13th Jun 2015

      When I first tried these ear plugs I didn't think that they were as good at blocking my partners snoring as I had hoped. I soon discovered that I was not wearing them correctly.
      For them to be most effective make sure you watch the video or google how to insert ear plugs, it makes so much difference!
      I can still hear my partner snoring (to be honest the only thing that would stop that completely is if we lived in different houses!) But at least I can get some sleep now and I don't seem to wake through the night once I am asleep.

    5. So much better than my husbands ear plugs!  star rating

      Posted by Josie on 6th Mar 2015

      I used to use the ear plugs that my husband got from work until a friend told me about these ear plugs she bought online from Earstore. I always thought that all earplugs were the same, that was until I tried these. They fit so much better (they are easier to put into my ear) and are so much more comfortable.

    6. Comfy and easy to use  star rating

      Posted by Jayne on 13th Aug 2014

      These have to be the best ear plugs for women. Not only is the colour fantastic (easy to find in the dark) but they block enough noise so I can sleep but not so much that I can't hear a thing

    7. Comfortable and easy  star rating

      Posted by Tanya on 1st Aug 2014

      These earplugs are the right size for my ears. I wear them at night so it deadens the sound of my partners snoring. He is LOUD! They are comfortable enough to sleep with and the price and colour is fabulous. Recommended for women.

    8. Small ears?  star rating

      Posted by Morgan Davis (Green Point, NSW) on 12th May 2014

      Ideal for small ears! I've tried many others before and these are the best.

    9. Fabulous  star rating

      Posted by Hannah on 30th Jan 2014

      I have used these ear plugs for a very long time and they are great. Its easier and also cheaper to buy them in bulk. Always very fast and efficient service

    10. THE BEST IN THE WORLD (Especially for ladies whose husbands snore)  star rating

      Posted by Ann Roberts on 30th Oct 2013

      I have been using other earplugs for years and had to trim them because they were too long for my ear canal and stuck out too far. The rubber was hard and they would make my ear ache if I slept on my side. The Mack earplugs for women are sooooo comfortable and work really well. Thank you for giving me a perfect night's sleep.

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