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Mack's Dreamgirl Soft Foam Earplugs

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    Dreamgirl Foam Ear Plugs have been specially designed for women with small or sensitive ear canals.

    With the demand for ear plugs for ladies growing more and more each year, Macks designed a range of ear plugs specifically with women in mind. 

    Macks Dreamgirl Soft Foam Ear Plugs have been manufactured using a unique low pressure, slow release, soft comfort foam.

    They have been specially created with a tapered design for ease of insertion and ultimate comfort. 

    One of the questions we get asked most hear at Ear Store is...

    What are the best noise blocking ear plugs for me? 

    Like all body parts, the size of ears vary from person to person and from males to females. It can not be said as a straight forward rule, although, we have found that women’s ear canal sizes are typically smaller than that of men’s. These ear plugs are also suitable for men who have smaller ear canals and who may suffer from pain and or discomfort of larger ear plugs. I know, I know, but they are pink, and a bright pink at that! You could look at them as the 'high vis" alternative. Like many of our male customers who wear the Dreamgirls have said "who cares what colour they are if you're asleep"

    We have a lot of women ask us, after they have tried their husbands foam ear plugs from work, if it is normal for their ears to hurt after wearing them?

    Quite simply, in a word... no! It is not at all normal for someone to experience any type of pain from wearing ear plugs.

    Generally, if you are experiencing ear pain, you need to see your GP. Ear pain can be due to infection or similar or alternatively from wearing ear plugs that are too large for your ear canal and or that contain allergens or toxic chemicals (often found in cheaper Asian variants of ear plugs. All Macks ear plugs provide non-toxic, non-allergenic protection.

    Why Dreamgirls?

    • Softer, unique low pressure foam 
    • Smaller in size than most other ear plugs
    • Smoother, sleeker tapered design
    • Provide non-toxic, non-allergenic protection
    • Comfortable to Sleep in all night
    • Contoured Tapered Bullet Shape
    • Unique Hollow Design  
    • Maximised Comfort
    • Hot Pink Colour
    • FREE Storage Case
    • High Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 30 dB 

    NOISE REDUCTION RATING - NRR relates to the amount of noise/decibels that an ear plug blocks. The highest noise reduction rating currenlty offered for an ear plug is around 32 decibels. 

    This means that, if you wear a product, for example with an NRR of 30db, in accordance with its directions for fitting, the noise entering your ears will be reduced by 30 decibels.

    Ideal for

    • Perfect for people with smaller ear canals (both men and women)
    • Sleeping (blocking out snoring partners)
    • Reading
    • Loud Events
    • Travel
    • Studying


    People who have worn Dreamgirl ear plugs have said
    "You know you are old when you can't stand loud music anymore, so I guess I'm officially old. I use these ear plugs to filter out the much too loud music in the spin class that I do 3 times a week. Maybe when I'm still spinning in my 70's, I'll still be able to hear when I get home because of these ear plugs. I love that they are small and fit my dainty ear canals. I'll definitely buy more when I run out. Love the girly pink color, too!" Kaye...
    "I love these earplugs. They are perfect for sleeping. I like how I can still hear loader noises when wearing them, that way in an emergency I'd hear. They block out the sound of snoring and my crazy cat running around outside my door. The slim fit is perfect for my ears, and my ears never hurt from them :)" Ashley...
    "I've been using these earplugs for a few weeks now and like them a lot. As a smaller woman, the fit is a significant improvement over "regular"-sized earplugs, which used to make my ears canals very sore. These Dreamgirl plugs are shorter in length (so you can sleep on your side without excess length pressing uncomfortably against your inner ear) and have a flared width that tapers down to a narrow tip (sparing the ear canal excess bulk). And they block sound well. The package says Made in Sweden, so that's a big plus. (Have you ever noticed how cheap Chinese-made earplugs reek of chemicals when you open the package? I wouldn't want those pressed against my skin all night.) I'm docking one star because I dislike the girlie pink colour" ;-) Ged...
    "I'm a guy with regular size ears and I wear earplugs to sleep. Regular earplugs apply too much pressure and are uncomfortable. These pink plugs have a reduced diameter that is more comfortable for long term wear. The shorter length means the ends don't rub on the pillow. They block sound almost as well as typical plugs. The color doesn't bother me at all; who is concerned with such things while they sleep?" Dave...
    "I bought these so I could block out noise when I am studying. I had never used ear plugs before. These are nice, soft, flexible, comfortable. They block enough noise so that I can focus. Yay!"  Danielle...

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    1. Really really good, great night sleep!  star rating

      Posted by Farah on 1st Aug 2017

      These are really good ear plugs. They are very comfortable and drown out snoring much more than I expected.

    2. Best plugs I've tried  star rating

      Posted by Sammi, Erina NSW on 26th May 2017

      For me these are the only ones I can use, because I have narrow ears. I find others all hurt my ears because of this. I have to be careful not to insert these too far in, so they remain comfortable. My ears are very small so I cut the ends off and insert them just as far as I have to to get a seal and so they dont stick out too much. The only negative is that they are disposable and eventually wear out - I find I need to change them when over time they lose the ability to compress and bounce back into shape to expand in my ear. But I am loving the peace and quiet they bring!

    3. Better fit  star rating

      Posted by Helen, Shellharbour, NSW on 5th May 2017

      For a woman, I found these earplugs to be a better, more comfortable fit than others I've tried before. They help a bit, but , unfortunately, they don't help a great deal with the boom, boom, boom of the neighbour's music. However, the earplugs are better than nothing, and I use them along with a sound machine.

    4. Best I've Tried!!! Recommended  star rating

      Posted by Katrina, QLD on 4th Apr 2017

      My partner snores are almost relationship ending - after trying many different ear plugs I've found these to be the best. I actually wake up in bed with him and not on the couch anymore. They are the only plugs that don't hurt my ears also. Doesn't block out 100% but enough for you not to die from lack of sleep

    5. Finally an earplug that fits my small ears  star rating

      Posted by Leigh Glenalta SA on 3rd Apr 2017

      Having trouble getting to sleep and being sensitive to a pin dropping on carpet I had tried many different types of ear plugs. But having small ears none did the job. Then a Google search discovered the EarStore and wow what a range of ear plugs. I went with Dreamgirl ear plugs. Finally ear plugs that fit my ears, don't hurt and don't fall out during the night. The whole process of buying and superfast delivery with the EarStore was just brilliant. Will definitely be buying from EarStore again.

    6. The only ear plugs that don't hurt my ears  star rating

      Posted by Anon on 18th Oct 2016

      I have very narrow ear canals. I like to sleep with earplugs, but find most too big to insert properly. I tried Mack's earplugs for small ears and they were excellent at staying in and reducing noise, but they hurt my ears and stuck out so I couldn't sleep on my side. These earplugs are excellent. They are shorter so they don't stick out, and are very soft and narrow. I take a star off because they are so small sometimes I have trouble getting a good seal with them, and because they are called dream girl and coloured pink.

    7. Smaller then I thought  star rating

      Posted by Michelle on 10th May 2016

      I had a pair of the purple ear plugs (slim fit) and thought they where brilliant!! I got the pink ones (dreamgirl) as they said it blocks out a greater level of sound . I have found this not to be the case for me . They are just a bit smaller then I thought . So will order the purple ones next time as I found them to be better

    8. Good for smaller ears...  star rating

      Posted by Candice on 20th Nov 2015

      These are indeed comfortable for smaller ear canals.
      Although I prefer the purple Slim Fit earplugs by Mack's as they seem to fit me perfectly and have more noise reduction.
      But if you think you don't have small ear canals I think that these would be what you are looking for - comfortable ear plugs with good noise reduction.
      They are perfect for me while I'm traveling as I can still hear muffled sounds and can hear my alarm.

    9. Perfect Fit  star rating

      Posted by Trish, Maddingley, Vic on 11th Oct 2015

      I was delighted to find these tailor made earplugs on line. All other earplugs are quite large and are uncomfortable to sleep with and of course pop out. These tailor made woman's and children's ear plugs are perfect for a comfortable sleep.

    10. Ear plug for smaller years  star rating

      Posted by Martine, Willagee, Perth on 9th Jun 2015

      I have just started using ear plugs, will need a little time to adjust but so far I have found these ear plugs to be very good - they are smaller and easier to fit than the first brand that I tried.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 11 | Next

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