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Mack's Musicians Hear Plugs High Fidelity Ear Plugs

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    Macks Hi Fidelity Musician's ear plugs use a unique, patented open-air membrane filter technology. This ensures that the ear plugs continue to provide a natural sound while helping eliminate damaging noise.

    They have been designed to replicate the natural response of the ear canal, this means that they ensure that the ear plugs continue to provide a natural sound so that sounds are not muffled. When listening to music this is exactly what you want to avoid, you want to still be able to ensure that music can still be heard clearly, but at a much safer, reduced volume.

    They have a super-low profile design for discreet wear while soft flanges ensure maximum comfort.

    With a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 12 decibels, they're great for musicians, nightclubs, sporting events, concerts, jam sessions, shop work, etc. An aluminium keychain carrying case included.

    In a nutshell, Macks Hear Plugs cut out the damaging noise to our ears without compromising the quality of the sound. 


    • UNIQUE - Open-air membrane filter technology ensures natural sound and comfort while reducing harmful noise.
    • 2 SIZES - Includes 2 comfort tip sizes and 1 set of filters.
    • DISCREET - Super-low profile design for inconspicuous wear.
    • COMFORTABLE - Soft flanges ensure maximum comfort.
    • NRR - Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) – 12 decibels
    • FREE Aluminium Keychain Carry Case. 
    • REUSABLE - Washable/reusable.
    • Includes 1 Pair

    Are they like other Ear Plugs?

    When most people think of hearing protection they immediately think of soft foam ear plugs. Foam ear plugs are not at all suitable for listening to music as they are designed to block all noise which means that they will cut out all frequencies of sound and provide a muffled sound.

    When you listen to music, you do not want to hear muted or muffled sounds, you want to be able to hear and appreciate the guitarist or the drums and hear what the band actually sounds like. 

    Attenuation Table






















    NRR 12











    ΔF ±8

    NRR stands for Noise Reduction Rating. NRR is a standardised measure conveyed in decibels (dB), and represents the overall attenuation offered by the earplug. The higher the Noise Reduction Rating, the greater the attenuation.

    It has been shown that variances of NRR in ear plugs of 3 dB or less has no importance in practice.

    ΔF represents an essential factor for musical purposes, as it measures the standard deviation from a spectrally flat attenuation between 60Hz and 16kHz. The smaller the ΔF, the higher the fidelity. ±3dB is virtually inaudible and can be considered as the very best one can get.

    Mack's Hear Plugs are perfect for

    • Musicians
    • Concerts
    • Jam sessions
    • Gigs
    • Nightclub Patrons 
    • Barstaff
    • DJ's
    • Sporting events
    • Shop work, etc.
    • Bands
    • Singers

    FREE Shatterproof carrying case included 

    • The medical grade super, soft flanges enable maximum comfort, while the firm stem allows fast, easy insertion.
    • With a convenient detachable neck cord and a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 12 decibels
    • Washable/reusable

    What others have said...

    I have tested the Mack’s® HearPlugs High Fidelity Musician’s Earplugs in many different situations and adore them more and more. They do exactly what they should; make the music quieter, without diminishing the sound quality. Whether you’re up on stage in a small pub, or rocking out in the nosebleed section of a Motley Crue concert, the result is the same; these things ROCK!

    – Addie Nicole – Tempe, AZ – Lead Vocalist with Halocene 

    “Mack’s HearPlugs High Fidelity Ear Plugs are great. Things sound clear, I can hear my vocal pitch well in a loud stage environment, and the low-profile design is an added bonus. I’ve since added the earplugs to my key chain and touring rucksack. I’ll be telling my musician friends about these. Thanks!”

    – Henry Nam – Philadelphia, PA – Piano/Keyboard, Acoustic – Percussive Guitar with Sheltered Turtle

     Mack's® Hear Plugs® High Fidelity Ear Plugs 


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    1. Worked pretty good !!  star rating

      Posted by Cate Paton The Hill NSW 2300 on 19th Feb 2018

      Well I brought these to help with lessening the affect of after concert - buzzing, ringing in the ears & I do believe they worked pretty well !! - Christened them at the Foofighters concert - which was bloody loud & awesome !! & afterwards was able to get to sleep with out huge sound ringing in my ears, heard the concert really well & just took the edge off the big noise, that comes with a concert. So thank you & good, quick service from the EarStore. Will buy from these guys again, Thanks .

    2. Work well  star rating

      Posted by Mark, Northcote, VIC on 7th Jun 2017

      They really do work well and they fit nice and comfortably - highly recommended.

    3. I'm an electric guitar teacher & I recommend these to my students  star rating

      Posted by Johnno, Glenelg on 6th Oct 2016

      I've been a music teacher and keen guitarist myself for over 20 years & I find these Macks hi Fidelity earplugs the best plug for the price. They are a true "high fidelity" ear plug and I find that they reduce the volume of surrounding noise an appreciable amount without distorting voices or music so that they become inaudible or too muffled.
      My only negative for these plugs would be the longer stem. They are clear in colour so they are reasonably inconspicuous, but others I have tried sit more inside my ear. Having said that I do find them super easy to put in and take out. At the end of the day, the do the trick and protect my ears and they don't ring. Happy customer

    4. No longer do my ears ring for days after attending a concert  star rating

      Posted by Karen, Landsborough, Qld on 13th Nov 2015

      I have used this product for the last 3+ years, they are comfortable and cut out the nasty frequencies.

      Easy to clean, with a compact case to store them in making them long lasting and great value!

      No more ringing ears and the music sounds so much sweeter :)

      They worked a treat at ACDC last night!

    5. Great value for the price  star rating

      Posted by Eric, Adelaide SA on 13th Oct 2015

      A day after I received my Hear Plugs in the mail, I tried them out at a KISS concert.... wayyy up front. The plugs were comfortable and fit well with only one small complaint - the string on the plug retainers broke almost immediately (I can't even remember tugging on it).

      The Hear Plugs did the job well although it took a bit of getting used to with Gene Simmons only meters away but the sound being so, comparatively, quiet (while sounding as it should). AND I left the stadium without any ringing in my ears.

      Bring on AC/DC.

    6. Fantastic for the kids  star rating

      Posted by NP, NSW on 24th Aug 2015

      I bought a pair for each of us, 3 kids in primary school struggling with classroom noise and distractions and myself with their noise and distractions lol! They all love them and wear them quite a bit. Easy to clean, the cord and the case keep them handy, and they really do cut the background noise while allowing nearby conversation to be heard.

    7. Love the new improved version  star rating

      Posted by Archie, St Kilda, VIC on 15th Apr 2015

      I work behind a bar in town and these earplugs work a treat.
      I used to have the older version which I thought were good, then they brought out this one and they are so much better. Great price for filter earplugs!

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