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Mack's Soft Silicone Putty Children's Waterproof Ear Plugs - Kids Size - 6 Pair

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    The Number 1 Selling Kid's Size SOFT Silicone Ear Plugs

    Children can benefit greatly from not only using ear plugs for hearing protection but also for swimming.

    Soft Silicone ear plugs have been specially designed for Swimming, bathing and water sports for anyone prone to ear infections or people who have been fitted with grommets.

    The Original Children's Earplug!

    The ultimate in earplug comfort, Mack's® silicone putty molds to the unique contours of any ear.

    Dual Purpose Earplugs

    Quality earplugs designed for babies and children to effectively keep out water and protect their little ears from harmful noise. 

    All Mack's® Pillow Soft® silicone putty earplugs are doctor recommended to:

    • Seals out Water
    • Great for Children with Grommets
    • Help Prevent EAR INFECTION including Swimmer's Ear and Surfer's Ear
    • Provide Protection following recent Ear Surgery
    • Help Provide Comfort from Ear Pain when Flying/Travelling
    • Protect little Ears & Hearing Protection from Damaging Noise such as Fireworks, Monster Trucks, Motor Racing Events, Movie Cinema, Theme Parks etc
    • Provide Hypoallerenic & Non-Toxic Protection for your Little Ones Ears
    • Children can still easily hear instruction from Parents & Teachers
    • Help Children Concentrate
    • Provide Calm for Children with Autism and Hearing Sensitivity

    Mack's® are larger and safer than other kid's size earplugs on the market.

    • WATERPROOF - Provides the Best Seal amongst Childrens Ear Plugs
    • DR RECOMMENDED - For Children 6 years and Under (children aged over 6 years may prefer Mack's Pillow Soft for Adults)
    • BRIGHT & VISIBLE - Kids Love the Fun, Bright Orange Colour  - easy for Instructors, teachers & parents to see when in the little ones ears
    • ECONOMICAL - 6 Pairs
    • QUALITY - Made in U.S.A - Don't risk purchasing inferier quality products! Macks Qulaity Ear Plugs are manufactured using only hospital grade soft silicone materials. 
    • FREE - Handy Carry Case Included in Each Pack

    Noise Reduction Rating 

    Noise Reduction Rating: 22 Decibels (when used as directed). The range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protection varies from approximately 0 to 30 decibels (the higher the number, the higher the effectiveness from loud noise). 

    What others have said...

    Bought these to use for my toddler who had to get ear tubes, one of the speculations of the procedure is no water in the ears for one year. These cover the whole area with out falling out or being invasive to his healing ears. We have used these for bath time and swimming in both the pool and ocean. I would recommend these to any one. Also I used to wear ear plugs as a flight attendant for 5 years and they would constantly hurt me due to having small ears, these are the definition of adjustable and would have saved me loads of headaches. Victoria Sorensen

    Have been using these with our son for several years. He's got tubes in his ears, which makes keeping water out pretty important. I tried the adult ones, both as whole and as half size, but these kids' sized ones are better. You can get several uses out of each pair (if you keep them protected in a container, not tossed in the bag loose as the 9-year-old tends to do....), so one package can get between 20 and 30 swims.
    When you put them in, the more you handle each one, the more body oils you transfer to it and the shorter the life span, so don't knead it endlessly. Shape it into a rough triangle, aim one point down into the bottom part of the ear (where it would drain out if the child is standing straight upright), and then gently mash the rest in to get a good seal. Don't push it into the ear canal! You're just aiming to seal the opening, and the mashing is just to get it to stick around the edges. P Herrick

    I love these! I have very small ear canal and can't tolerate in-the-ear earplugs. I wear them on airplanes and to sleep every night.These are more comfortable than the custom/molded plugs I used to have. They arrived promptly and were well/packaged. Janine

    I took my son to disney on ice and had front seat tickets. My son was less than 16 months old and I didn't want him to freak out to the loud music and noise so my husband and I decided on these. I put them in before the performance started and he did great and loved the music since it wasn't too loud. Would definitely recommend to other parents and can be used for tub time too if your son is prone to getting ear infections. Can be reused more than once which is definitely a plus! Rachel 

    Work perfectly. I've tried all kinds of earplugs and I guess my ears are just too small because nothing seemed to work. I actually cut these in half and that does the trick, plus I get extra uses out of them. I actually use them a few times each. Block out all sound and the little case is so convenient. Jenny

    I use these all the time. This smaller size works great for me. it blocks my husbands snoring out so I can sleep! D McDonald 

    Macks Soft Moldable Silicone Putty Earplugs for Kids are also avaialbe in a 200 Pair Bulk Dispenser - CLICK HERE!




    Write your own product review

    1. Very happy & quick delivery  star rating

      Posted by Bronwyn Jackson on 16th Mar 2018

      Product works very well

    2. Best noise cancelling earplugs ever!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 28th Feb 2018

      I am a shift worker and have trouble sleeping in the day. I’ve tried other silicon ear plugs but they don’t stay in or cancel noise as well as these kids ones do! Highly recommend them

    3. So it seems I have small ears...  star rating

      Posted by Robert Craig on 11th Jan 2018

      I've worn earplugs before but they always fall out. I thought I wasn't putting them in properly or that they were too small for my ears.
      It seems that my ears were too small for the earplugs and thats why they kept falling out (after chatting with the staff at Ear Store)
      They sent me some different earplugs to try and one of them were the kids ones.
      The fit perfectly!
      I know they are for kids and for the water but I find these earplugs great for me and for blocking noise.
      Thanks for the recommendation, I'll be back for more.

    4. An easy, uncomplicated product for children  star rating

      Posted by Jemma on 17th Jul 2017

      These ear plugs are easy to use, non-invasive and comfortable for our 5 year old. Multiple use is great! We won't use another product.

    5. Great ear plugs!  star rating

      Posted by Ben, Voyager Point, NSW on 9th Aug 2016

      My wife was really concerned that these ear plugs would not keep the water out. But they do & they are great!
      My daughter didn't like the feel of the reusable ones and she says these ones are comfortable and "don't pole her ears"
      Thanks for the suggestion & good product guys.

    6. Excellent quality & great size for toddler  star rating

      Posted by Lara, Carlingford, NSW on 25th Feb 2016

      This ear putty is perfect for my 2 year old and exactly what our ENT surgeon wanted for my toddler's pool & bath time. Fast delivery meant I had them when I needed them!

    7. Great for kids with grommets  star rating

      Posted by Monique, Kambah, ACT on 28th Sep 2015

      My daughter recently had grommets put in.
      These are really easy to put in and work very well! No water gets in at all.
      We also bought the Ear Band for Swimming from Ear Store at the same time. It’s been great for keeping my daughters hair out of her eyes, especially when we do swimming lessons.
      I’d recommend both these products for little ones.

    8. Great Product. Do you hear me? Get these and you won't!  star rating

      Posted by Batman on 10th Sep 2015

      Great product. Even keeps out loud traffic noise.

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