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Mack's Variety Earplug Pack - FREE DELIVERY

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    I don't know which Ear Plugs are best for me?

    We often get asked which would be the best earplugs for me? This is a tricky question for us & can often be difficult to answer because no two individuals are the same. What a boring old world it would be if we were right! 

    Earplugs come in many different styles (expandable foam, shaped silicone, musician style, custom fitted and even electronic earplugs). Each style of ear plug has been designed to filter out a certain level of noise/sound, this level is measured in decibels.

    When choosing a pair of earplugs it is important that you take particular notice of the NRR. (Noise Reduction Rating) The NRR is an indication of the amount of hearing protection that it will give.

    Quite simply, when choosing ear plugs, we suggest you go for quality, comfort and effectiveness. Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to work out which ear plugs best suit you and your needs. 

    We offer a large variety of ear plugs to suit all people and all applications. There ear plugs for sleepingswimming, studying, flying, dentists, shooting,workingmusicianschildren and more.

    Macks Soft Foam Ear Plugs

    Macks Ear Pugs have been committed to supplying the highest quality, hearing protection, sleep aids, and swimmer's ear prevention products at the best possible value since for over 50 years!

    We are proud to a part of their team in offereing a full range of earplug styles for sleeping, swimming, bathing, snoring, music, shooting, traveling, loud noise, and flying discomfort.

    Our Dreamgirl and Slimfit are ideal for people with smaller ear canals (men and women alike). For this reason, we mostly find the the Dreamgirls and Slimfit are to be the most popular and comfortable amongst women. Haing said that, some men and teenage boys can also have smaller ear canals. That is why we suggest you try a few different pairs to see which ones are the best fit for you.

    The Ultra's and the Originals continue to be the favourite ear plugs for the majority of a male customers who are looking to block out noise for sleep an work. 


              Dreamgirl Ear Plugs                   Original Ear Plugs                       Slim Fit Ear Plugs                        Ultra Ear Plugs

    Ultra and Originals are favoured by the gents looking to block out noise for a wide range of applications.

    Macks Silicone Ear Plugs are our number one best seller for swimming and watersports. Made of a soft silcone putty, they are favoured by both men and women of all ages for their extreme comfort. They sit securely in the ear as they easily mold to the shape of the ear canal and opening. They are aptly named “pillow Soft” and frequently double as an alternative to soft foam ear plugs and worn commonly for sleeping and other sound blocking events. Our customers have told us that the cheaper, wax type ear plugs, that they have tried in the past are no comparison to Macks Pillow Soft Silicone Ear Plugs. 


     Macks Silicone Ear PLugs

    The Aquablocks are the most wanted reusable ear plug for swimming, surfing, boating and any occasion where you require water being blocked from your ears.

    The Best of the Best EARPLUGS are now together in a convenient sample pack.

    Over the years we’ve learnt different customers prefer different earplugs and there is no right or wrong when selecting which ones you like best. Now you too can easily, and cost effectively, try a variety of our top selling earplugs from our popular assortment packs to find your favourite.   

    Our ear canals, just like our fingerprints, are quite unique & individual. Additionally, we all have different reasons for wearing earplugs. Whether it be to block out noise from power tools, motor sports, shooting sports, concerts, loud events or snoring!

    Earplugs are designed & manufactured with these different requirements in mind & the best way to find which earplugs best suit your needs is simply to try them. 

    The Super Stars of the Earplugs are:

    • Macks Snore Blockers: The unique hollow earplug maximizes comfort. Perfect for a side sleeper.  Perfect for roommates, fishing buddies, travel partners. NRR 32db
    • Macks Dreamgirl: Designed for women or individuals with smaller or sensitive ear canals. NRR 30db
    • Macks Ultra Soft Foam: The Ultra’s are moulded with state-of-the-art super low pressure foam for maximum comfort with a high noise reduction rating of 32 db. Great for sleeping, power tools, work & blocking loud noise. NRR 32db
    • Macks Pillowsoft: A silicone earplug that has been in production since the 1960’s and still remains the number 1 selling earplug in the USA. Great for sleeping, swimming and surfing. NRR 22db
    • Macks Slimfit: A Slimfit Soft Foam Ear Plug specifically designed for people with smaller or more sensitive ear canals. NRR 29db
    • Macks Originals: Made with super soft foam these earplugs are perfect for extended wear in situations where comfort is a must. NRR 29db

    What does each pack contain?

    • Each variety pack contains 4 pairs of individually wrapped earplugs (chosen from the hearing protection noted above.)
    • PLEASE NOTE - Ear Plugs in variety packs may vary from time to time depending on stock in hand at the time of ordering.
    • All ear plugs provided will be Macks Quality Disposable Ear Plugs.

    Can I choose which ear plugs I receive?

    For sure! Just simply let us know what your preference is in order of 1 to 4 and we will do our best to accomodate your choices. 

    What is NRR?

    NRR stands for Noise Reduction Rating. NRR is the amount of sound, measured in decibels, that a pair of ear plugs will block out.

    To better understand this, a persons hearing threshold is defined as 0db (decibels). Someone with normal/good hearing can hear sounds at 15db. A watch ticking would have a level around 20db, whilst whispering rates at approximately 30db, the average conversation is around 50 - 60db.

    The highest noise reduction rating (NRR) currently offered by an earplug is around 32 decibels.  Decibel levels up to the earplug's NRR rating will be blocked out entirely.  Any noise over the earplug's NRR may be heard.  Another important factor to note is that the body absorbs sound; so short of encapsulating oneself in a sound proof chamber, it is seemingly impossible to block out all noise.  Earplugs and other types of hearing protection devices are designed to lessen the harshness of the noise and bring it down to a safer, more tolerable level.

    Snoring, NRR & Ear Plugs 

    Earplugs are very commonly used to block out the sound of a partners snoring. 

    A person snoring generally produces a sound level between 50db (being for a light snorer) to 80db (for a heavy snorer). Most snorers register between 50 – 70 db. The sound of a petrol lawnmower would be equivalent to 80 - 90db. With this in mind, it is no wonder we find it difficult to sleep soundly with a snoring partner.

    When you wear a pair of 32 NRR Ear Plugs such as Macks Snore Blockers, the sound level of snoring, based on the above levels is reduced between 18db to 48db. Ear plugs are designed to successfully reduce the amount of harmful noise to enter your ears, this making your surroundings more tolerable to help promoting a good nights sleep.

    Are there Ear Plugs that can TOTALLY block out ALL Noise?

    Currently the highest Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) being offered by an earplug is around 32dB. This means that any noise up to that ear plugs NRR will be blocked completely and any noise over this level may still be heard.

    An interesting fact is that the “whole body” actually absorbs sound, so short of finding yourself a comfortable sound proof chamber to call home, there is no way to totally block all noise. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for all parents out there who have children ;-)

    Earplugs are designed to lessen the severity of noise and bring it down to a more tolerable and safer level.

    Is there a right way to insert Ear Plugs? 


    I can not stress enough the importance of properly inserted ear plug.  

    If foam earplugs are inserted only half way you are receiving only half of the benefit and this may be a good reason. Often people tell us they have not had success with noise blocking in the past with other brands...and bad fitting. I personally count 5-10 seconds when"anchoring" a foam earplug into the ear canal to make sure the expansion of the foam earplug is securely in place inside the canal.  

    After rolling the foam earplug and inserting it inside the ear canal, use your finger to keep the earplug in place so it expands completely inside of the canal. 




    Write your own product review

    1. A great way to try earplugs  star rating

      Posted by Janine on 15th Jan 2018

      Earplugs are definitely a trial and error thing, because everyone has different sized ear canals. I had no idea what size mine were.
      I was so happy to try 4 different pairs of earplugs to work out which ones were the best for me, without having to buy lots of different packets of them.
      So it seems my ear canals are smaller as I really found the Dreamgirls most comfortable and worked best for me. My second favourites were the Pillow Soft.
      Thanks guys!

    2. Pink is for Boys!!!!  star rating

      Posted by Lynda Narre Warren Victoria on 2nd Aug 2017

      My son is a welder and he has trialled the mixed sample pack.
      The Pink ones provide the best protection against the extreme noises in the welding and fabrication industry.
      They do NOT hurt his ears putting them in or taking them out.
      There is NO ache in his ears.
      If you work in this industry or any other noisy environment... be a man... and wear the pink!

    3. Ah... silence !!  star rating

      Posted by Lynda Narre Warren Vic on 11th Apr 2017

      My son is a fabricator and works in engineering.
      Metal is dropped, hammered and cut all day.
      His hearing was suffering.
      The plugs at work are hard and hurt his ears.
      We didn't know which plugs to trial.
      The sample pack was a perfect option.
      The brown ones (Macks Ultra Soft) were the ones which suited him best.
      They fitted well and were comfortable.
      Thumbs up to the sample pack and now we know what to order.
      Delivery was fast....
      Thanks for the opportunity to trial.
      We are ordering a container of 50 as I speak..
      He will be sure to credit you with his continued hearing in 50 years.

    4. The Ultra Soft Earplugs work the best for welding  star rating

      Posted by Daniel Hampton park Victoria on 11th Apr 2017

      The green (Snore Blockers), the wax (Pillow Soft) and the pink (Dream Girl) were not suitable for me..
      The brown ones (Ultra) block significant noise of metal dropping to the floor, hammering and general steel work noises.
      Thanks for a great product. I am ordering a pack of 50!

    5. Great idea to find the right pair!  star rating

      Posted by Liz, Perth WA on 3rd Dec 2016

      I recently had a weekend away with a friend who snores so I ordered these in the lead up to our trip after a friend suggested this website.
      What a great idea as I had no idea that earplugs even came in different sizes.
      I found the pillow softs comfortable to wear, like all the feedback online, I preferred to wear these while we went swimming.
      My favourites though were the Macks Original. I found these to be the most soft and blocked the most sound for me out of all the earplugs.

    6. Way better than standard ear plugs!  star rating

      Posted by Damien French on 5th Sep 2015

      Mack snoozers are the chuck Norris of the ear plug world!

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