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Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine

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    Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine

    Marpac, the White Noise pioneers and makers of the beloved Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine, have now created a portable electronic sound machine suitable for travel or on-the-go use.

    This compact portable unit is designed to mask noises anywhere, at any time.

    Rohm creates a soothing, consistent sound environment for sleep, privacy, or concentration.

    Night or day, wherever you may be, Rohm lets you take control of your sound environment – so you can live (or sleep) your very best life, uninterrupted. 

    How Does A White Noise Machine Help Me Sleep?

    White noise promotes relaxation prior to sleep by providing a constant, soothing sound for your brain to settle on. This helps quiet the mind and keeps you from focusing on disruptive sounds which interfere with the process of falling asleep.

    Once you're asleep, white noise works all night long to drown out the random noises that would have woken you up - either completely or just as partial 'micro-awakenings,' which you may not even have remembered in the morning. This means that you sleep more solidly and deeply, and rise feeling more rested and restored.


    • Sound Masking - Masks noise that might disturb or distract, for improved sleep and concentration.
    • 3 Sound Options - Bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf.
    • Simple - Easy to use buttons control sound selection, sound volume and power ON/OFF.
    • Adjustable - Powerful sound and fully adjustable volume.
    • Portable - Perfect for travel and on-the-go use (includes lanyard for easy handling or hanging). 
    • Rechargeable - Convenient USB charging (USB cable included).
    • Guarantee - Backed by a one-year limited factory warranty and the always exceptional Marpac customer service promise.

    Constant Sound

    An unobtrusive blanket of sound fades into the background and then masks noises that might otherwise wake or disturb you - even in noisy hotel rooms. Having a consistent sound to fall asleep to is especially helpful in unfamiliar places.

    Powerful and Customizable

    Rohm is small but mighty. Choose from bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf, then set your volume - anywhere from whisper-quiet to impressively robust. Night or day, wherever you may be, Rohm lets you take control of your sound environment - so you can live (or sleep) your very best life, uninterrupted.

    Compact and Portable

    Take Soothing Sound Anywhere - The Rohm is compact and lightweight so it easily fits in your hand bag, briefcase, carry-on bag or backpack.


    USB Rechargeable

    Forget batteries and electrical outlets - Rohm can operate all night long on a single charge, and comes with convenient USB cable for recharging.


    Three Sound Options

    Choose from bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf, then set your volume - anywhere from whisper-quiet to impressively robust.

    sound-options.png shhhh-rohm-white-noise.jpg

    ROHM versus HUSHH

    The Hushh Portable White Noise Machine was brought out by Marpac at the same time as the Rohm. The difference between the two is that the Hushh was specially designed with babies and children in mind and has the following extra features:

    • Night light
    • Baby-safe clip
    • Child lock

    Which White Noise Unit is for Me

    • If you are a fan sleeper, you’ll most likely want the Dohm. The Dohm is the original sound machine, first created (by us) in 1962.It features a real fan inside an adjustable acoustic housing, so you can alter the tone and volume of the sound to suit your personal preferences and needs based on your sound environment.  This ability to customize the sound makes it superior to a regular fan for sound masking purposes, and it also uses less energy than a fan.  Additionally, the Dohm is compact (easy to tuck out of sight or travel* with) and won’t create airflow, so it’s especially great in the wintertime or if dust and allergens are a concern.
    • If you travel or have an especially loud situation to contend with, we recommend the Rohm/Hushh.  The sound of the Rohm is a little less like the “whoosh” of a fan and more like a deep “static-ish” sound. Like the Dohm, there are no loops or digital recordings. Choose from constant white noise (bright or deep), or gentle surf. The Rohm/Hiushh is compact and a USB cable. Pro tip: in noisy hotels, try placing the sound machine between the door and your bed, then adjust the tone and volume to your liking. You’ll find that pretty soon, you don’t even notice the sound of the machine, but you ALSO don’t hear the doors banging or voices in the hallway… sound machine for the win. 


    Write your own product review

    1. Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine Not bad at all  star rating

      Posted by Sandra Woonona NSW on 20th Jun 2017

      I have used a couple of times. I think it will be really good for travel and holidays, that's why I bought it. It is small and easy enough to pack into your handbag or suitcase.
      It is comforting to hear and quite relaxing. If you experience a lot of noise around bedtime I do recommend it.
      I like the ocean sound.
      Worth a go.

    2. Ecstatic!  star rating

      Posted by Adele, Glen Waverley VIC on 22nd May 2017

      Like all the other reviews we read before purchasing this, it is has been a dream machine, not just for my 9 month old baby who constantly wakes but for me!
      My baby is now sleeping through the night without me having to resettle him.
      My only regret, that I didn't know about this sooner.

    3. Cuts out the annoying neighbours dog barking  star rating

      Posted by Samantha, Miranda NSW on 22nd May 2017

      Our neighbours have a dog that howls every time it is left at home alone, which is pretty much every day!
      It drives us crazy. Fortunately my husband gets to go to work each day to get away from it, I however am not so lucky.
      We bought this after a friend who has one for their baby recommended it to us.
      I must say, we are impressed!
      I can now happily work from home once again in peace.

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