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White Noise Machine - DS Dohm Sound Machine

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    What Exactly is White Noise? 

    White noise is a specially crafted sound byte, which is used to drown out all background noises. It works by restoring a sound equilibrium,  which means that it will help reduce them amount of noise around you that grabs your attention, and steals your sleep! Noises that commonly prevent you from falling asleep, or that cause you to wake up in the night are masked by a calming background shhhhhhh. Sounds that commonly annoy us including tinnitus, disappear from our hearing, resulting in a long, restful sleep. 

    How does White Noise work?

    The idea of adding more noise to your sleeping environment to promote sleep may sound counter productive, but it works. White noise blends the external sounds (barking dog,traffic etc) into the overall background noise, so your brain pays less attention. 

    People not only use white noise to aid them in achieving a more restful sleep but to help with concentration during the day, especially those in the autism spectrum or with ADD/ADHD syndromes. 

    Neuroscientist Seth S. Horowitz, believes that our hearing has evolved as an alarm system, and continues to work even when we are asleep. Most people become conditioned to most background sounds unless they are highlighted on our rational radar as needing attention. 

    With some people it is not necessarily the volume of noise that that keeps us awake but the context of the sound. This is why some people can easily fall asleep in the middle of a crowded club. I am not one of those people! Similarly, a dog barking in the distance can cause a person to startle in their sleep.

    Sound masking is achieved when you disguise the noise, by adding white noise to your bedroom to 'mask' the frequencies of the white noise signal.

    Another analogy of this, again using light… Picture yourself in a dark room where there is no light, now imagine that a torch is being shone on your face. What happens? You notice the light immediately right? However, if you were already in a well it room, the light of the torch would go unnoticed because the bright lights, already in the room, would be masking it.















    REAL White Noise V's a Recorded Loop 

    A lot of sound machines use short "loops" that simply repeat the same sound over and over.  Playing these small bursts of sound can often be quite annoying over a period of time. This can often result in creating more anxiety rather than relaxation!

    The Dohm DS White Noise Machine is unlike MP3 downloads, CD’s or smart phone apps in that it does not use loops.

    The Dohm DS is been known for exceptional audio, ease of use, and durability. 

    Marpac sleep machines bring smiles to many people ranging from new mums discovering the benefits of sound conditioners for babies the first time to customers who've been using the same Marpac machine for 55 years.

    Dohm DS white noise machines mask all kinds of noises, from sirens on city streets to confidential conversations in quiet offices.

    Shift Workers turn day to night.

    Even if you work from 5pm-9am, you can sleep soundly when you get home. Now you can control your sleep schedule, your sound environment, your job stress and your sanity.

    White Noise in the Office ...

    Round icon offices

    If you work in an office, especially in a cubicle, you knowhow distracting office chatter can be. It's hard to keep your personal telephone conversations private.

    No more... Our sound conditioners turn cubes into private offices with just one click.



    Doctors, and Patient Confidentiality


    Marpac sound conditioners are ideal for use in settings where you don't want conversations overheard such as in doctors and therapists offices. This not only makes patients feel more comfortable, but also keeps you aligned with requirements for patient confidentiality.

    Ambient Noise

    Sleep will not come easily amidst noises from the street, construction sounds, crying kids, music-loving neighbours, or the late-night television watcher next to you. If you don't live in a serene country cottage, and sometimes, even if you do, you may want to consider getting a sound conditioner. It's not just a sleep aid, it's a tool for restoring order to your personal universe.


    There is no shame in snoring. It happens. But if your snoring keeps your spouse awake, try one of our devices. It's cheap and noninvasive, nothing to wear on your face or ingest. Thousands of people swear it has saved their marriages. Most people like to couple the White Noise Machine with a pair of soft foam ear plugs for ultimate seeping conditions. 


    If you suffer from tinnitus, our sound conditioners may offer some relief. The ability to manipulate the tone of the sound emitted by the sound conditioner to match the tone in your ringing ears is part of what makes our devices so effective. Many sound conditioners are not up to the tinnitus task. Ours gets a ringing endorsement.

    Infants and children, who will be sleeping like babies in no time

    Our white noise helps children sleep nighttime or nap time. It can help establish a sleepy-time ritual that can travel with you to grandma's house or on vacation. It masks dishwashers, telephone calls, and other not-so-silent things you need to do without waking the kids. Parents pass their sound conditioner habit down to the next generation, since their parents used one when they were growing up.


    Autism and ADHD and White Noise 

    We hear many wonderful stories from customers all the time on varied uses of white noise. 

    Noise can become overwhelming rapidly to those in the autism spectrum or with ADD/ADHD syndromes due to increased sensitivities of all the sense perceptions. Research suggests white noise and some kinds of music can help both ADD and autism spectrum focus their brains. 

    As per the Autism Help Organisation they recommend the use of white noise machine as a coping strategy due to those on the autism spectrum often having sensory problems, including a high level of sensitivity to noise.

    Long-term exposure to gentle sound at a barely audible level can desensitizehearing. ‘White noise’ contains every frequency audible to humans, and can be likened to the sound of distant surf or wind. 

    Sound ‘masking’ works on the principle that disturbing noises can be reduced by a constant noise in the background. 

    White Noise Machine Vs Apps

    A lot of sound machines use short "loops" that simply repeat the same sound over and over.  Playing these small bursts of sound can often be quite annoying over a period of time. This can often result in creating more anxiety rather than relaxation!

    The Dohm DS uses natural white noise machine as it contains an actual fan inside. The Marpac White Noise Machine is unlike mp3 downloads, CD’s or smart phone apps in that it does not use loops or artificial white noise.  

    The Dohm is mains powered, this means that you are not relying on smart phones and or devices to be powered up. It can conveniently be taken on holidays or nights away from home. The sound and pitch of the Dohm is adjustable. 

    Sleep specialists and doctors recommend that time in front of smart phones and similar devices be limited or better still eliminated well before bedtime – not having the device in the room at night at all is more conducive to a better night sleep.

    Travellers: The sound of comfort on the road

    Its not easy sleeping when you're out of town. Take along the Dohm White Noise Machine sound conditioner, and create a sleepy home away from home. No more hearing people in the hotel hallway or listening to the elevators all night. No tossing and turning in an unfamiliar bed. Many of ourcustomers never leave home without it. A good night's sleep is worth the space in your suitcase.

    Studying... Get more "A"s from more ZZZZZs... 

    Round icon school

    Get more "A"s from more ZZZZZs... and better studying. Is the person next door is too noisy? Is your room is too quiet? Does your roommate snore like a gorilla. Our machines help students focus by providing a consistent audio backdrop even on loud campuses. Stressed students need sleep. We bring it. 

    '"I bought this so I could study and sleep in peace, and it has achieved both ends" - A Alman

    Round icon offices

    Office Workers

    If you work in an office, especially in a cubicle, you know how distracting office chatter can be. It's hard to keep your personal telephone conversations private. No more. Our sound conditioners turn cubes into individual sanctuaries with one click.  They also keep private offices more “private,” and have the added benefit of enhancing concentration, too!

    "Dampens voice recognition between rooms without being noisy. I am pleased with the simple, small size." Dr Kelly B.

    Night-Shift Workers

    Even if you work from 5pm-9am, you can sleep soundly when you get home. Now you can control your sleep schedule, your sound environment, your job stress and your sanity.

    "I have been working 2nd shift since the mid '80s and this is a must-have for sleeping while the rest of the world is up and making noise." J. Nichols


    Round icon pets

    Our soothing sound is not just for humans!  Many devoted pet owners report that their animals experience less anxiety (especially during loud events like fireworks or thunderstorms) thanks to our sound machines.  Furthermore, barking spells tend to be minimised, because the pet doesn’t hear every-single-little-tiny-noise-out-there.  White noise for the woof!

    "I got this to help screen out sounds from my neighbourhood which my dogs has begun barking at. The sound machine combined with blocking the view out windows to the street has reduced recreational barking by 90% the UPS truck still elicits barking. They still see the squirrels in the back yard but that is manageable."amazon.com


    Be cautious of products purchased overseas and or online

    The Ear Store Dohm Ds White Noise Machine has been designed specifically by Marpac for us here in Australia.

    The Dohm Sound Machines have been converted to run on 240 volt and have an Australian 2 pin plug. They are also compatible with New Zealand points. 

    They have manufactured to comply with Australian standards and requirements.

    The Dohm DS Sound Machines are not recommended for use outside of the country that they were intended to be used due to power fluctuations.

    Please be careful of products purchased overseas/online, as they do not have the relevant power requirements or plug for Australian general purpose outlets. Please be mindful of any other models for sale online for this reason. 

    The Australian Dohm unit it WHITE in colour. 

    Who are Marpac?

    Makers of the official sound conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation. Marpac designed & invented the ever popular Dohm DS Noise Machine in 1962, thats over 55 years ago and they are still going strong today! 

    It all began in 1962 with a metal dog dish, a case of insomnia, and a man who really loved to tinker.

    Jim Buckwalter's ingenious invention masked sounds that kept him awake at night. It was quite simple: a turntable motor and a small fan blade inside a dog bowl encased in a disc of foam-covered wood. Jim's device created a deeply soothing sound from rushing air. It also helped people sleep like never before.

    Word got out, and soon Jim's friends and family were asking for his sleep machines. A little company was born. And it soon turned into a bigger company. Thats how the original Marpac SleepMate eventually became the current Dohm.

    Who Doesn't Want a Good Night Sleep?

    Simple Solution ... Get yourself a White Noise Machine TODAY!

    Which White Noise Unit is for Me

    • If you are a fan sleeper, you’ll most likely want the Dohm. The Dohm is the original sound machine, first created (by us) in 1962.It features a real fan inside an adjustable acoustic housing, so you can alter the tone and volume of the sound to suit your personal preferences and needs based on your sound environment.  This ability to customize the sound makes it superior to a regular fan for sound masking purposes, and it also uses less energy than a fan.  Additionally, the Dohm is compact (easy to tuck out of sight or travel* with) and won’t create airflow, so it’s especially great in the wintertime or if dust and allergens are a concern.
    • If you travel or have an especially loud situation to contend with, we recommend the Rohm/Hushh.  The sound of the Rohm is a little less like the “whoosh” of a fan and more like a deep “static-ish” sound. Like the Dohm, there are no loops or digital recordings. Choose from constant white noise (bright or deep), or gentle surf. The Rohm/Hiushh is compact and a USB cable. Pro tip: in noisy hotels, try placing the sound machine between the door and your bed, then adjust the tone and volume to your liking. You’ll find that pretty soon, you don’t even notice the sound of the machine, but you ALSO don’t hear the doors banging or voices in the hallway… sound machine for the win. 


    Dohm NSF White Noise Sound Machine by Marpac (04:07)
    Review and demonstration of the Dohm NSF sound machine by Marpac. Find it here: http://amzn.to/27p5Mhc
    • Dohm NSF White Noise Sound Machine by Marpac
      Review and demonstration of the Dohm NSF sound machine by Marp...

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    1. Excellent  star rating

      Posted by KC on 24th Apr 2018

      Love these! Helps drown out the early bird n helps my boys sleep longer in the morning.

    2. Lots of Noise in a Small Package  star rating

      Posted by Joe, Richmond, VIC on 6th Mar 2018

      Good noise that is! Nice to be able to make the subtle adjustments along with the hi/low setting. This is a great little machine :)

    3. Sweet gadget indeed!  star rating

      Posted by Michelle on 25th Nov 2017

      Love this little machine! I am a very light sleeper and always have a fan on so it blocks the noises I hear at night. My niece introduced me to this and I am sold! Now my hubby doesn’t have to complain about always having the fan on for noise and he gets cold from it!

    4. Keeps the neighbour noisy music at bay!  star rating

      Posted by Robert Drummond on 16th Nov 2017

      I live in a unit and am surrounded by ignorant people who continue to play loud music late at night.
      I was at my wits end and up late one night I came upon White Noise Machines on Ear Store.
      What a saviour! I would recommend this product for anyone in the same boat as me.

    5. This product works!  star rating

      Posted by Clarissa on 2nd Nov 2017

      Purchased for my newborn and she loves it!

      A big thank you to Tammy for her fantastic customer service!

    6. Life saving device :)  star rating

      Posted by Happy on 27th Sep 2017

      I wish I'd bought this 3 years ago. It cuts out voices but does not cut out the footsteps on the floorboards in the apartment above me. But this is enough to block out noise to help me get to sleep and stay asleep.

      So happy!

    7. Great for the office  star rating

      Posted by Maria, Southbank, VIC on 22nd May 2017

      I work as a therapist in a shared office space and can easily hear the phone and conversations had on the phone each time someone phones.
      This results in clients feeling quite insecure about their conversations with me for fear someone in the waiting room may also be able to hear them. Not to mention how distracting it is for me professionally.
      It has provided a "cone of silence" in my office and I feel my clients and myself are much more at ease.
      Definitely worth the investment.

    8. Efficient delivery  star rating

      Posted by Kate on 4th Mar 2017

      I had borrowed the product prior to buying. I'm in Melbourne and delivery was the following day from ordering. I would recommend this product to any light sleeper and this online shop for purchasing.

    9. Such an easy solution to a big problem!  star rating

      Posted by Fleur, Brunswick, VIC on 3rd Mar 2017

      We live in a house where only one door separates our bedroom from the rest of the house, and are cohabitants with a very affectionate and persistent cat. We can't have her in out bedroom because she will wake us up at all hours of the morning, but if we lock her out she was pawing and meowing at the door all night. We tried all sorts of contraptions and systems to put more distance between her and us at nighttime, but nothing worked other than locking her in the tiny bathroom (where she would pee on the floor in protest). We hadn't had a full night's sleep in about a year! I didn't think anything could drown her out until I bought this. After just a couple of nights being able to sleep through her meowing, and not giving in and opening the door, she has learned to just sleep through the night on her own! It's definitely less stressful for all parties. We still sleep with it on, even though the cat is now better trained.

    10. The Best, the best, the best!  star rating

      Posted by Barry, East Fremantle on 4th Jan 2017

      I rarely review products.
      This is the best thing we have ever bought.
      You won't be disappointed!

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